Skin Benefits of Floral & Fruit Waters

Rose Petal Extract

Rose Petal Extract is a 100% Natural extract obtained from Rose Flowers.

It has excellent benefits for your skin. It can help soothe your skin & promote healing. It can do wonders for skin hydration too.

Rose Petal Extract contains various ingredients (like phenolic acid, flavonols and anthocyanins) due to which, it has been reported to exhibit anti-inflammatory activities.

Rose Petal Extract is a superstar for spot-less beauty with following benefit.

-  Excellent Skin Lightening

-  Anti‐inflammatory

-  Soothing & Calming

- Anti-wrinkle

Lemon Water

Lemon Water is a 100% Natural extract obtained from Lemon Juice.

The presence of anti-oxidants in Lemon water makes it a potential candidate for skin protection.

It has significant properties to improve skin texture.

Lemon Water is a Natural reservoir of Vitamin C with following benefits -

- Glowing and Flawless skin.

- Reverses Tan and Lightens Dark Spots.

- Fights Excess Oil and Acne.

- Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines.

- Boosts Collagen Production

Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water is a 100% Natural extract obtained from the fruit Cucumber.

Cucumber is an excellent fruit which provides superior hydration to your skin.

It is a moisture reservior with following skin benefits.

- Excellent Skin Moisturization

- Reduces Swelling

- Soothing & Cooling effects

- Reduces Puffiness